In the spring of 1934, in the middle of the Great Depression, thirteen individuals gathered a small fortune to start up an industrial venture in Reykjavík, to manufacture fishing nets, ropes and fishing long lines for the local fishing fleet. The founders named their new company HAMPIDJAN.  

​Since then Hampidjan has become the world leader in making and servicing quality fishing gear for trawlers and purse seiners. We operate several fishing gear entities around the world with a central manufacturing facility producing ropes, netting and trawls in Lithuania.  

Our brand names for fishing gear are some of the best recognised in the world’s fisheries, including the GLORIA and SWAN NET self-spreading pelagic trawls.

In the last two decades we have extended our market lead to the offshore and oil industry by developing new ground-breaking products and innovative solutions with multiple variations of our DYNICE high performance HMPE ropes, also in high demand for various commercial, leisure, yachting, mooring, military and rescue activities.

Hjörtur Erlendsson

“We aim to stay in the lead and strive to be the best. Our 80-year saga has shown us that the two objectives are closely related with product development as a common denominator. Therefore product development is the essence of our being.”

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